“Remember Me” — Actually I Just Want to Forget

I have to say that the first time I saw a preview for Remember Me, I was completely under the impression that the movie was going to be one of those love-changes-your-life kind of movies.  The movie that teaches the audience that two lovers can meet in life’s most awkward, tragic, and happy moments.

Did I enjoy it?  Just a mediocre love story, if you even want to call it a love story.  Remember Me was clearly marketed as a romance/love film, and while there certainly were parts of the movie that showed love developing between Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin) and Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson), the movie still managed to fall short.  The focus seemed to be more on Hawkins’ life, and love just seemed like a minor addition to the story line.  What seemed like a movie with all the aspects of a drama/love just weren’t pulled together as nicely as it probably was in thought.

For me, the real turnoff had to have been the whole mood of the movie.  Flat out depressing. From the beginning to end, I wasn’t sure if the movie was about two people finding love, or if it was to make a point that life is rough with bad things happening to everyone all the time.  I swear I found myself unintentionally anticipating something bad happening with every new scene.  It was just hardship after hardship.  There is a very fine line between empowering a love story through traumatic events and the overuse of traumatic events.  Remember Me definitely tried to build up the love story around some of life’s harder moments, but it was a little excessive to where it just made the movie depressing.  Let’s just put it this way, I left the movie theatre that day feeling like I had stepped out of a black hole.


Avatar Fails at Storytelling?

In an attempt to infiltrate an alien clan native to a planet called Pandora, a paraplegic ex-marine named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is chosen to replace his late brother in a mission to gain the trust of the Na’vi tribe.  The military’s mission is to use whatever means necessary to obtain a natural resource in Pandora’s ground, which is a mineral that could significantly benefit Earth.  The only problem is that the Na’vi rest upon the very spot where the mineral resides, and they will not be forced to move from their sacred land.  Advanced technology and mixed human-Na’vi DNA allow Sully to take on the shape and form of a Na’vi alien, which is known to humans as an avatar “suit.”

With the help of the deceiving avatar suit, Sully is soon accepted into the Na’vi tribe after a series of teachings and incidents in which he proves to be worthy of the Na’vi way.  During his mission, he finds himself unexpectedly in love with the tribe leader’s daughter, Neytiri.  The story begins to unravel the true loyalty of Sully when he is forced to choose sides, while the fate of the Na’vi lay in the balance.

The movie Avatar was a very powerful movie for me.  Contrary to what some people are saying about the film, I wouldn’t have been disillusioned without the 3-D or CGI effects.  James Cameron did a spectacular job capturing his vision on screen.  For anyone that criticizes the film over the lack of an extraordinary script and virtually total reliance on stunning visual effects, wake up.  So what if the majority of the movie was in CGI; it’s a fantasy world, unless you can go find a set in a space similar to Pandora. The script didn’t take a backseat to CGI, but rather, it all worked seamlessly together to bring us into a place that only some of us could ever dream of. The CGI and 3-D were both added influences, but I don’t give all the credit of my enjoyment of the film to those two aspects.  It was a beautiful story told in a beautiful world.

A love story with action and imagery full of wonder, but it was also a story about trust, loyalty, betrayal, forgiveness, and strong bonds made between souls — not just shallowly seen as alien or human.  It was a great film that reached far into the corners of your imagination, revealing the splendor and the pure respect for a place whose inhabitants appreciate and interact with their world; all the while, they never lose sight of the wonders that were given to them.  Maybe Avatar is also trying to hint to us what we as a human race should think about as we continue to move forward into a technology-driven, money-hungry world at the expense of our planet and its people.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

In this sixth installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) was overall just okay.  I found myself dozing off in a few scenes (or wishing I had).  Steve Kloves did a wonderful job on all the other Harry Potter movies, with the exception of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) as that one was directed by Michael Goldenberg.

First comes first, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince follows Potter in his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  This time around, he works closely with Professor Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) to try and extract a specific memory from the new potions professor hired at Hogwarts, Professor Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadbent).  Dumbledore believes this specific memory could be the key to finding out critical information about young Voldemort when he was a student at Hogwarts, also known as Tom Riddle.  In the usual fashion of these Harry Potter films, a mysterious item also flags the attention of Potter’s interest in the unknown “Half-Blood Prince”.

The fantasy inspired series has always been able to catch most people’s imaginations, adults and children alike.  However, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince failed to do that this time around, at least for me.  With only a few action scenes, the movie appeared to have lost its whimsical charm and creative luster.  No doubt, there were traditional scenes that showcased J.K. Rowling’s bag of magical tricks, such as the love potions, the Peruvian darkness powder, memories stored in a bottle, etc.  However, there were a lot of conversational scenes that could have been deleted, as well as scenes that were — for the most part — uneventful and disconnected from any storyline.

Probably the #1 thing that bothered me most about the movie was that I just didn’t know where the story was going.  Maybe the movie lost me somewhere after Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) suddenly built a liking to Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), or maybe it was Harry Potter’s sudden love interest in Ron’s sister, Ginny (Bonnie Wright).  Yes, I see that we have to remember that the movie is following a group of teenagers in school where they still come across normal stages in their life apart from magic, but the problem was that it all seemed very random (pretty ironic use of the word in the context of a fantasy/adventure movie).

I didn’t feel as though I got anything out of this movie.  I hate to say it, but this installment seemed more like a filler for me — only filmed to get a few key scenes or plot points in there, but that was it.  It’s always Potter fighting the Dark Lord (we already know that) but at least put a little more pizazz in the movie to excite the audience.  Cheap tricks and brief zap attacks with the wand can only go so far.  I want to see more fireworks, not a little bug zap here and there.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars — Average, but still worth watching

CSI: Miami — Modeling Agency or Forensic Lab?

With so many criminal investigation shows on TV these days, what’s your favorite?  One all too popular with many people is CSI.  Two years later, and you’ve got the spin-off series, CSI: Miami.  Two more years later, another spin-off, CSI: NY.

I’ve come across the CSI franchise a few times on TV, and I’ve watched a few episodes here and there.  My overall reaction to the show — Eh.  More specifically, I’ll be speaking of CSI: Miami here.

I just can’t get past the attractive CSI unit all working under one roof with seamlessly pressed attire, occasional cleavage for the women, and the take-me-serious looks, both in visual appearance and forensic intellect.  This effect is so noticeably funny that if that whole aspect of the show was a joke, I’d think it was the funniest show ever.

Horatio Caine’s acting performance in CSI: Miami is from a whole other decade, and I don’t mean that in a good way.  I suppose it works for the show though, since everything else is just so unbelievable and overly fictionalized.  For example, what agency actually has all this future-forward technology that makes finding a criminal look as simple as turning on a light switch.  Also, the interrogation room secretly says, “Hey, why not take in the beautiful panoramic view while you’re in the hot seat via our ground-to-ceiling windows.”

Whatever happened to the separate positions worked by many individuals in a real CSI team: latent print examiner, forensic photographer, serologist, varying chemists, homicide detectives, etc.  I understand it’s a TV show and that TV can’t always project a realistic fiction series, but there are plenty of shows in the same genre that stick to the realistic structure of how a crime investigation works through the hands of many people.  I’ll admit that the whole appeal that repels me from watching the show is the very thing that gains a lot of the viewers.

The deal breaker though — the anti-climatic feeling of their solved cases, which is almost as bad as the ending conclusions in Law & Order: Criminal Intent (but that’s another story).  I much prefer Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Criminal Minds.  This blog post was just meant to give my opinion of the show, and I’m not trying to bash anyone for liking it.  Actually, my mom loves the Miami spin-off, and she refuses to watch the other CSIs.  Go figure.

Bottom line: CSI: Miami is just too Hollywood for me.

CSI: Miami airs Mondays 10/9 c on CBS.

My Top 10 Love Movies

Gone for too long!  Well I better make up for lost time then!  What better way to kick things off than to start off with my top 10 “love” movies in no particular order.  Just a few comments on why I like these movies, but far from a thorough synopsis of each movie.

1. Fools Rush In – There are signs everywhere to help you find your way.

2. Titanic – Classic romance movie, timeless.

3. Dirty Dancing – Ok, sure it’s cheesy when you watch it as an adult, but this was my favorite as a young girl.  And of course, it would be incomplete if I didn’t say this: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”

4. GHOST –  Two words: Unchained Melody.

5. While You Were Sleeping – Life works in mysterious ways, and this movie is a good example with a few laughs thrown in there too.

6. Mrs. Winterbourne – Yes, Rickie Lake acts.  I can’t deny that there is a special spot in my heart for this movie.  As I said before, life works in mysterious ways.

7. A Walk to Remember – This movie is unexpectedly sweet and charming.  Favorite scene: Landon (West) fulfills Jamie’s (Moore) wish to be in 2 places at once (Jamie opens her eyes to find herself straddling the state line).

8. The Notebook – About losing and finding the love you thought was gone forever; second chances that could mean losing everything or gaining everything, if you choose to follow your heart.

9. A Lot Like Love – Because life changes so much, and only a few things or certain people remain constant within it.

10. The Bridges of Madison County – Save the best for last?  An extremely beautiful story about love and sacrifice.  “I realized that love won’t obey our expectations.  Its mystery is pure and absolute.”

These are just some of my favorite love movies.  I’m not too big on love movies, but I have my picks.  And yes, I’m aware I don’t have Casablanca or Gone with the Wind on here.  🙂

Brittany is Paris’ New BFF


Brittany reigns supreme over Vanessa and becomes Paris Hilton’s new BFF. I had a feeling it was going to be Brittany who was going to make it in the end. I bet a year ago, Brittany didn’t imagine that she would be Paris’ best friend.

At the end of the finale, Brittany sits with Paris’ “inner circle of close friends” and I thought it was kind of funny when Brittany asks everyone if there was any advice they could give her. Advice on how to be a best friend?? Of course, maybe she was asking that question in the sense of how to be a best friend to someone as “high-status” as Paris.

All in all, I think Brittany should make a good best friend. She seems pretty fair and honest, but sometimes I get the feeling that Brittany is kind of bitchy and has that undercover manipulative side. She probably knows how to manipulate people/situations but in the way where she looks like the “good one.” Brittany totally threw Vanessa under the bus at the restaurant and might’ve — in the long run — influenced Paris’ mindset when she hung out with Vanessa later on. Then again, Vanessa does seem a little weird in that jealous BFF way. It was hilarious though when Brittany and Paris were at the restaurant eating cavier with ice cream. Brittany’s reaction was so funny because it was very down to earth and it really showed that she didn’t come from that “yuppie” culture.

I wonder if Paris and Brittany will maintain their BFF friendship or will Brittany just be another regular friend? Paris makes looking for a friend seem like looking for a pet or something, so I guess best friends are that easy to find and build a quick bond with, right?

Twilight – Robert Pattinson and Hayley Williams

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Watch Robert Pattinson (star of Twilight) and Hayley Williams (lead singer of Paramore, also on the Twilight soundtrack) casually chit chat about their interests, life as a “celebrity,” fun trivia, and potential plans to hit the studio together to record a duet! Ooh la la! Enjoy!