Ra Ra Riot – The Rhumb Line 2008

If you haven’t heard of Ra Ra Riot, you’ve been missing out! Last week, I stumbled upon an interesting band name and was pleasantly surprised when I first heard their music. Their 2008 album, The Rhumb Line, is definitely a must in my book. With a group of talented band members, Ra Ra Riot comprises of Milo Bonacci (guitar), Alexandra Lawn (cello/vocals), Wesley Miles (keyboards/vocals), John Pike (co-writer/lyricist/vocalist and drummer), Mathieu Santos (bass guitar), and Rebecca Zeller (violin).

Captivating thousands of hearts from Syracuse, New York, Ra Ra Riot’s music pinpoints exactly what it feels like to be understood through music. Whether you are heartbroken over a love that will never bloom or feeling lost in nostalgic thought vs. change, this band will leave you feeling calm and at ease before the song even finishes. With lyrical ingenuity and beautiful music, Ra Ra Riot is living proof that music really is a gift to the world and to the individual soul. Maybe it’s just me, but you just gotta love music that keeps your feet tapping, your mind stimulated, and your ears happy!

Check them out at: iTunes, http://www.myspace.com/rarariot, or http://www.rarariot.com.


The Rhumb Line (2008)

Standout Tracks:

“Can You Tell”

“Dying is Fine”

“Run My Mouth”


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