Mac vs. PC

I want a new laptop! I’ve always been a PC user, except for the times when work required me to use a Mac. The sleek design of a Mac is appealing to the eye at first, but its functions aren’t as impressive as its appearance. Macs do have programs/applications that would be beneficial for graphic designs, but I don’t need any of that for personal usage. If I got a Mac, the major reasons would probably be for 1) its looks and 2) its immunity to computer viruses.

On the other hand, Macs are rather expensive. Quite frankly, is it really worth spending all that money? Also, I’m getting the impression from a few people that PCs are better than Macs. I’m sure both are very similar in performance though. I saw a TV commercial for the Dell Inspiron 1525, so I went online. I ended up being more interested in the Dell Studio 15 and it seems to appease my worries about buying the right laptop: reasonable price ($649 online special), design (comes in 7 colors, 5 artist designs, and 4 trim colors), and fairly good tech specs (I don’t need anything too fancy).

I’m not sure how much longer the online special is going to be up. I still haven’t made up my mind yet. There are a lot of choices out there, so any suggestions would be appreciated!



  1. Stacy,

    Mac vs. PC is an age-old question. One that has millions of marketing dollars behind it in order to solidify or change peoples’ minds. I’m glad you are looking at the specs and not completely set on the look. I’m a Mac guy. I own 2 of them and work on an iMac and a Dell laptop at work and it does me no good to sell you on something you don’t need, but I only warn you that at $649, you get what you pay for. Forget about the colors and the trim. Make sure you are getting a well engineered and well assembled machine…something that will last for years. Also, beware of PC warranties. With HP and Dell, you should read the fine print on any warranty as they don’t cover just everything. With Mac Applecare warranty, you can be sure that you are good hands, however, I am unsure of the price comparison. If you are on a budget, keep an eye on apple’s refurbished models. You can still buy the warranty for it as if it were brand new, but save a few bucks on the front end. Link below.

    Enjoy – be sure to check out my blog at

  2. I have used both PCs and MACs and indeed, MACs are more expensive. I have opened up both PCs and MACs as well and I have to say, it is easier to open up a PC compared to a MAC, which can be a real pain.

    You can run windows on a MAC just you let you know. In order to do this you will have to purchase a program called Parallels. Parallels is a program that will enable you to run windows on a MAC.

    If you plan on using your computer for graphic design work, then I recommend using a MAC.

  3. defcon is right. Parallels will allow you to run windows on a mac, but I will warn you that it’s not the most user friendly experience. Parallels has come a long way and they offer a coherence mode (simultaneous operation), but you better be ready to upgrade your ram if you plan to run it like this. Bootcamp offers you a dual boot system but there is nothing more irritating than having to restart your computer to get to a PC program or vise-versa. If you are an office guy like me but you like the macs, I would just recommend getting Office.mac so you can run those programs on OSx without having to switch anything. I actually prefer the Mac versions better though they take a little getting used too. If you are reliant upon serious PC software I would recommend you buy a PC. If you are looking to repair the thing yourself or customize upgrade certain items you should also buy a PC. If you are just wanting out of the box performance, a great user interface and clean operating system, and can deal with sacrificing certain PC apps, then go with the Mac…It’s always a little scary to switch at first, but as the saying goes…”Once you go Mac…”

    Good luck.

  4. Thanks defcon and digitalmedia. I appreciate all your suggestions. I’ve actually worked with Parallels before at my old job. My main concern is the price right now and I just need a decent computer that runs well. There are really good points in both of your guys’ comments, so it’s just a matter of balancing out everything with what I need out of a computer or want in the long run. Thanks again!

  5. Mac’s For The Win!!!!

    I have had a Mac for almost two years now, and I love it almost as much as life itself. My Mac is a quintessential part of my everyday life.
    Things are just so much easier. Faster. More efficient.

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