A Few Questions

Some questions that keep popping up in my head as I read articles or blogs, see online videos, or listen to people talking on TV about Obama.

-Why are some people still so intent on arguing over the U.S. presidency after Obama is already the President-Elect?

-Why are some people only waiting to see Obama fail at the presidency?

-Why is it that the more support Obama gets, the more the opposition just wants to see him fail, along with the disappointment of all of his supporters?

Some people doubt him, and that’s fine. I am not a full-fledged Obama supporter, but I voted for him and am confident that he’ll do a good job. For the people that think Obama has some suspect characteristics, it’s fine to still have your guard up and to keep an eye out on the pattern of policies he will enact. But don’t just wait for flaws to happen so that you can jump all over it. If you search solely for problems to plague his presidency, then you are already biased towards seeing him fail. Hence, it becomes harder for you to see any positive change that may come from his presidency.

It’s inevitable for some flaws to happen and Obama has got a lot of work to do. He came into a presidency with technically two wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) and an economy in shambles with a national unemployment rate on the rise. I’m not trying to give him an excuse for any failed fixes he might come across, but I’m just keeping in perspective that it’s not an easy task and the govn’t will have to test different strategies and initiatives to get it right. Progress doesn’t just happen overnight. So for those people that “hate” him for unfair reasons or think he’s unfit to be president, just please stop with the hating because you’re not contributing to anything except to a negative outlook.

Again, it’s fine to have your opinion about him and to be skeptical, but don’t let it completely control you that it blinds you from seeing any good that he’s capable of doing for this nation.


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