CSI: Miami — Modeling Agency or Forensic Lab?

With so many criminal investigation shows on TV these days, what’s your favorite?  One all too popular with many people is CSI.  Two years later, and you’ve got the spin-off series, CSI: Miami.  Two more years later, another spin-off, CSI: NY.

I’ve come across the CSI franchise a few times on TV, and I’ve watched a few episodes here and there.  My overall reaction to the show — Eh.  More specifically, I’ll be speaking of CSI: Miami here.

I just can’t get past the attractive CSI unit all working under one roof with seamlessly pressed attire, occasional cleavage for the women, and the take-me-serious looks, both in visual appearance and forensic intellect.  This effect is so noticeably funny that if that whole aspect of the show was a joke, I’d think it was the funniest show ever.

Horatio Caine’s acting performance in CSI: Miami is from a whole other decade, and I don’t mean that in a good way.  I suppose it works for the show though, since everything else is just so unbelievable and overly fictionalized.  For example, what agency actually has all this future-forward technology that makes finding a criminal look as simple as turning on a light switch.  Also, the interrogation room secretly says, “Hey, why not take in the beautiful panoramic view while you’re in the hot seat via our ground-to-ceiling windows.”

Whatever happened to the separate positions worked by many individuals in a real CSI team: latent print examiner, forensic photographer, serologist, varying chemists, homicide detectives, etc.  I understand it’s a TV show and that TV can’t always project a realistic fiction series, but there are plenty of shows in the same genre that stick to the realistic structure of how a crime investigation works through the hands of many people.  I’ll admit that the whole appeal that repels me from watching the show is the very thing that gains a lot of the viewers.

The deal breaker though — the anti-climatic feeling of their solved cases, which is almost as bad as the ending conclusions in Law & Order: Criminal Intent (but that’s another story).  I much prefer Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Criminal Minds.  This blog post was just meant to give my opinion of the show, and I’m not trying to bash anyone for liking it.  Actually, my mom loves the Miami spin-off, and she refuses to watch the other CSIs.  Go figure.

Bottom line: CSI: Miami is just too Hollywood for me.

CSI: Miami airs Mondays 10/9 c on CBS.


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