My Top 10 Love Movies

Gone for too long!  Well I better make up for lost time then!  What better way to kick things off than to start off with my top 10 “love” movies in no particular order.  Just a few comments on why I like these movies, but far from a thorough synopsis of each movie.

1. Fools Rush In – There are signs everywhere to help you find your way.

2. Titanic – Classic romance movie, timeless.

3. Dirty Dancing – Ok, sure it’s cheesy when you watch it as an adult, but this was my favorite as a young girl.  And of course, it would be incomplete if I didn’t say this: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”

4. GHOST –  Two words: Unchained Melody.

5. While You Were Sleeping – Life works in mysterious ways, and this movie is a good example with a few laughs thrown in there too.

6. Mrs. Winterbourne – Yes, Rickie Lake acts.  I can’t deny that there is a special spot in my heart for this movie.  As I said before, life works in mysterious ways.

7. A Walk to Remember – This movie is unexpectedly sweet and charming.  Favorite scene: Landon (West) fulfills Jamie’s (Moore) wish to be in 2 places at once (Jamie opens her eyes to find herself straddling the state line).

8. The Notebook – About losing and finding the love you thought was gone forever; second chances that could mean losing everything or gaining everything, if you choose to follow your heart.

9. A Lot Like Love – Because life changes so much, and only a few things or certain people remain constant within it.

10. The Bridges of Madison County – Save the best for last?  An extremely beautiful story about love and sacrifice.  “I realized that love won’t obey our expectations.  Its mystery is pure and absolute.”

These are just some of my favorite love movies.  I’m not too big on love movies, but I have my picks.  And yes, I’m aware I don’t have Casablanca or Gone with the Wind on here.  🙂


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