Brittany is Paris’ New BFF


Brittany reigns supreme over Vanessa and becomes Paris Hilton’s new BFF. I had a feeling it was going to be Brittany who was going to make it in the end. I bet a year ago, Brittany didn’t imagine that she would be Paris’ best friend.

At the end of the finale, Brittany sits with Paris’ “inner circle of close friends” and I thought it was kind of funny when Brittany asks everyone if there was any advice they could give her. Advice on how to be a best friend?? Of course, maybe she was asking that question in the sense of how to be a best friend to someone as “high-status” as Paris.

All in all, I think Brittany should make a good best friend. She seems pretty fair and honest, but sometimes I get the feeling that Brittany is kind of bitchy and has that undercover manipulative side. She probably knows how to manipulate people/situations but in the way where she looks like the “good one.” Brittany totally threw Vanessa under the bus at the restaurant and might’ve — in the long run — influenced Paris’ mindset when she hung out with Vanessa later on. Then again, Vanessa does seem a little weird in that jealous BFF way. It was hilarious though when Brittany and Paris were at the restaurant eating cavier with ice cream. Brittany’s reaction was so funny because it was very down to earth and it really showed that she didn’t come from that “yuppie” culture.

I wonder if Paris and Brittany will maintain their BFF friendship or will Brittany just be another regular friend? Paris makes looking for a friend seem like looking for a pet or something, so I guess best friends are that easy to find and build a quick bond with, right?


Who Will Be Paris Hilton’s New BFF?

Not the reality TV bug! I can never completely part myself from any reality TV show. Sometimes I could care less about someone else’s life, and until recently, I used to be so indifferent to celeb magazines (e.g. US weekly, Life & Style, or People). What happened? Let’s face it, competitive drama is entertaining—so long as you’re not included. Maybe it’s just a part of human nature to be interested or curious in a life completely different from your own, and reality TV is your lucky ticket to that special place. Who knows!

To recap last week’s Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, Onch was given the boot by Paris and even the most-hated Corrie was safe from elimination. This leaves nine contestants still in the race to become Paris Hilton’s new BFF. My top picks on who I think will make it to the end: Vanessa, Zui, maybe Lauren, or possibly Brittany.

Of course, the show still has plenty of potential to give us a run for our money. Watch tonight’s episode on MTV, 10pm ET/PT, as the girls are put to the test in their next “challenge” to play the notorious high school game, 7 minutes in heaven, with a famous rapper. The episode also takes a twist during elimination round as Corrie makes the decision on who goes home this week.

Danity Kane in Trouble

Is it goodbye for good to Aubrey and D. Woods? Millions watched the live finale of Making the Band 4, Season 3, and were shocked when they witnessed Diddy‘s dismissal of the two Danity Kane stars. I wasn’t much of a fan of the group to begin with, but I just can’t see the future of DK without all five original members.

Diddy claims that the group is facing internal problems amongst themselves, rather than with Diddy. I’m sure DK has problems with each other (like any band), but I think that there’s another aspect to their discontent—management. Clearly, the ending gave off a little sense that Diddy has some problems with his own group. He reacted so impulsively, which would indicate that maybe some of these things were boiling up over a long period of time (that we didn’t know about). In my opinion and from what I saw from all the seasons, Diddy really likes respect, and I guess Aubrey might have been too outspoken for him. I think Diddy assumed that the reason D. Woods felt any negativity towards him was due to Aubrey “influencing” her. So he basically said goodbye to Woods too.

Judging from the live appearance of the 3-member DK on MTV, the night the season finale aired, Dawn didn’t look too happy when Aubrey came onto the stage. She just turned really quiet and became very neutral in her expressions. Her energy beforehand was high, then Aubrey came out, and her energy seemed to just sink. This hints to me that the group’s internal problems will probably continue if Aubrey and D. Woods come back. Yet if they’re out for good, DK could be on shaky ground with fans and sales. What’s a businessman like Diddy to do?

The series will continue next year with Day 26, Donny Klang, and the official fate of Danity Kane.